The jewelry that Sarah Mann designs and handcrafts skillfully merges geometric and organic elements to create a style that is recognizably her own.  

She was introduced to metalsmithing at the University of Wisconsin in her hometown of Milwaukee.  She furthered her interest under the expert guidance of Heikki Seppa at Washington Universty in St. Louis and at Fuji Studio in Florence, Italy.  

She then lived in New Orleans, where she worked amidst its thriving community of metalsmiths and honed her skills in preparation for a transition to New York City.  The dynamism of the city inspired the strong form and kinetic elements in her pieces.  She has since returned to her roots in the midwest and continues her silversmithing there, creating bold yet elegant jewelry with unique surface treatments.

Sarah introduces a new line, consisting of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings about every 10 months.  She herself carefully crafts each and every piece and presents it as one of a limited edition.